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The giant of Boedo

The Athletic Club San Lorenzo de Almagro (CASLA) is a century-old social and athletic institution with their principle activity focusing on professional soccer in the first division headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. San Lorenzo is one the “Big Five” (Los 5 Grandes) of Argentine soccer (football) with River Plate, Boca Juniors, Independiente, and Racing Club. Pedro Bidigain Stadium and Training Facility are both located in Bajo Flores district of Buenos Aires. 

San Lorenzo currently owns 24 titles. In the First Division, San Lorenzo won (15) championships in First Division: [(3) Amateur, and (12) Professional], (2) National Cups, (2) Titles in First Division B, (5) International Titles: (1) Copa Libertadores 2014, (1) Copa Mercosur 2001, (1) Copa Sudamerica 2002 [CONMEBOL Competition], (1) Copa Aldao 1927, (1) Copa Campeonato del Rio de La Plata 1923 [Organized by AFA-AUF Together]. San Lorenzo is the fourth team in Argentine Soccer with (17 Titles) professionally and the third best team in the history of First Division of Argentine Soccer historically according to classification history. 

On the other hand, San Lorenzo is one of eleven institutions that are in the gallery of classic Clubs in FIFA of Argentina. Also, San Lorenzo is considered one of the greatest clubs in the Americas. 

Currently, the club accounts for more than 70,000 active members and has 169 supporters groups in which 138 of them are widely expanded throughout the greater Argentina, 27 in the exterior located in Germany, Andorra, Australia, Chile, 9 in Spain (Andalucia, Barcelona, Fuengirola, Madrid, Oliva, Santander, Terragona, Tenerife, and Zaragoza), 5 in the United States (Arizona, Hawaii, Miami, New York, and Texas), Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, 2 in Great Britain, and Uruguay. 

San Lorenzo is the third team with more supporters in the Argentine Republic. 

San Lorenzo has 5 social headquarters. (3 in Boedo, one in Monserrat, and another in Bajo Flores. They have a piece of land in Boedo where the multi-sports complex (CASLA Polideportivo Roberto Pando) was constructed. They are expanding the headquarter of Avendida La Plata and managing a piece of land of 15 hectares (1 hectare = 2.471 acres) (37.065 acres of land) for the professional and juvenile soccer Olympic complex in Ezeiza. 

On December 23, 2015, the San Lorenzo Executive Committee jointly signed a final agreement with Carrefour the long-awaited “Return to Boedo” (“Vuelta a Boedo”) recovering land in which the Argentine Dictatorship at that time expropriated unfairly. 

The club compromised to pay value of the land with part of the money collected from the Trust Fund in which members and supporters only and unimaginably contributed money from their own pockets in a historical effort. Once the new San Lorenzo store is constructed, then begins the construction of Papa Francisco (Pope Francis) Stadium. 

San Lorenzo is the only Soccer Club team of the world in which its jersey is displayed at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland in honor of Pope Francis during a match between San Lorenzo vs. Club Atletico Colón on March 16, 2013. 

San Lorenzo de Almagro is one of the Argentine clubs with more championships won in different sporting activities such as basketball, swimming, track and field, hockey, futsal, rugby, and volleyball, among others.